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Owner/Master Hairdresser

Experience: 4 Years in Australia | 6 Years in Vietnam | Strong Skill: Master Hair Colorist & Hairstylist

Trish Nguyen is qualified Professional Hairdresser Certification in Queensland, Australia and also an owner of Hair & Wax Center with experiences in both Western and Asia Hair Styles. With the art deep inside, she found her passion in creative of colour mixing. Her clients love the way she care their hair and they are surprise by her professional consultant with hair industry knowledges.




Senior Hairdresser

Experience: 9 Years in Vietnam | Strong Skill: Hair cut & Colours

Thao Pham – Young, talent and specific hairdresser from Vietnam Capital – Ha Noi with 9 years experiences in Hair field. He loves how a lady to be Sexy look in their hairstyle so his most talent skill is hair cutting. Yes, his clients really love how they look more beautiful and sexy with a change.




Make Up Artist / Hair Stylist

Experience: 6 Years in Vietnam | Strong Skill: Make Up & Up-Styling

Ha Truong – If you have ever been her client once, you definitely saw how much passion in her eyes for every times she make you look gorgeous and beautiful by her hands. As a mother of one son, she recognised that doesn’t matter the ages, a woman always have a hidden beauty in them. Therefore, her mission is taking a step to bring it out for her client because the more beautiful we see in us, the more confident and energetic we have to live a life well and peace.




Hair Stylist

Experience: 4 Years in Vietnam | Strong Skill: Colour & Perm Assistant

Le Nhien – She loves beauty and cares about getting beautiful so that why she choose her career in Hairstylist. She believes all ladies should ha vea right and beautiful hairstyle in order to make them look gorgeous. With 4 years in experiences, she supposes that a listening skill is much more important than a hair skill.





Hair Stylist

Experience: 4 Years in Vietnam | Strong Skill: Colour & Perm Assistant

Minh Tran – Very sincerely share, his initially reason to become a hairstylist which just simple choose a career for life in order to have a job with good earning. Unexpectedly, the fire of passion and enthusiasm is burned and getting bigger in his body day-after-day because of his client smiles and happy. After 4 years in Hair Stylist position, he stated that he always wants to learn and improve everyday for the skills in order to archieve client’s smiles of satisfaction.

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Technician Specialist

Experience: 4 years | Strong Skill: Dyeing  & Waxing

Thuy has worked in Hair Industry almost 4 years and got significant skills. She found her loves with taking care of client’s hair and archivement of client’s service satisfaction. She is also a waxing expert of Hair & Wax Center.

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Technician Specialist

Experience: 4 Years | Strong Skill: Braid & Perming

A young and kindness Techinician Specialist. He loves colors and performs a super hair braid skills. Our clients love his talent braid skills.

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Technician Specialist

Experience: 5 years | Strong Skill: Perming

Our Technician Specialist who really loves wavy and curly hair. Absolutely she has seriously passion and skill of perming with great customer care. This great picture is a gift for her.

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